Social Media Treasure Hunt—Win Free Ignition Registration

Posted On: November 17, 2011

Brian Hale By Stream Energy Internal Communications Editor Brian Hale

Stream Energy and Ignite are pleased to announce a special opportunity for our Associates. Beginning next week and running through the end of January 2012, the first-ever Ignite Social Media Treasure Hunt will allow Associates the opportunity to win two free registrations to Ignition 2012.

The Treasure Hunt will take place across Ignite’s three major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. A clue will be randomly posted on one of these platforms every week or two. No announcement will be made regarding the posting of the clues, so Associates should monitor these sites daily.

Each clue will offer instructions on how to successfully answer or complete the clue. All respondents who successfully answer or complete each clue will be given one point. When the Treasure Hunt concludes at the end of January, the respondent with the most points will win two (2) free registrations to Ignition 2012 (or a refund of two [2] already-paid registrations).

Should a tie occur between Associates, the names of all tied Associates will be put into a raffle. Doug Witt will be filmed drawing a name and announcing the winner. The results will be posted on Ignite’s social media platforms.

Please do not wait to register for Ignition 2012 contingent upon this contest. Should the winner have already registered for Ignition 2012, the winner will be refunded the price paid for up to two registrations. Please note that this contest DOES NOT include hotel accommodations or airfare or other travel arrangements.

The clues will be placed randomly and will be unannounced, so please monitor each of the aforementioned social media sites as the first clue will come within the next week!

Ignition is less than 120 days away! Happy Hunting!

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