10 Reasons to Attend Ignition 2012

Posted On: November 4, 2011

Brian Hale By Stream Energy Internal Communications Editor Brian Hale

Registration opens soon for Ignites annual “Ignition” event, and this year’s event promises to be the best yet. There are so many things to get excited about Ignition that we can’t list them all here, but here are ten reasons to attend Ignition 2012.

10. Networking
It’s no secret that our firm has a strong to commitment to creating a family-like atmosphere. It’s our founding principle—warm marketing to your friends and family. There’s no doubt you’ve made connections not only in your own city, but with other Associates from around the country. There’s no better place to rekindle friendships and make great, new connections than at Ignition 2012.

9. Ignite Store
Every year, one of the most exciting places to be between workshops and meetings is the Ignite Store. We never fail in introducing new, fashionable items that not only add to your already stellar Ignite wardrobe, but also help enhance the Ignite image and promote your business. We use Ignition to offer you the best new training materials, professional sales aids, jewelry, clothing and much more. It’s also a great opportunity to mingle and meet some of the Stream Energy staff that appreciates you as much as you appreciate them.

8. Be In the Know
Doug Witt said, “Ignition is the culmination of all things Ignite.” So what better time and place to announce all of our upcoming promotions, contests and expansion news? Sure, you can hear all the latest news from home a few days later, but as any Associate who has seen expansion announcements in person will tell you, the announcements made at Ignition are something you definitely want to see for yourself. We take things to a whole new level during Ignition.

7. Be Inspired
Our main goal during Ignition is to send every Associate home stirred to grab hold of his or her dreams and fully equipped to do so. We want you to be energized and motivated by people just like you. That’s why we spend months planning a schedule of events with speakers and presentations that will blow your mind. You will hear stories from other Associates that will take you to the next level. These are people just like you who were where you are now and have built a business that provides financial freedom for their children and grandchildren. You will leave Ignition motivated, inspired and ready to tackle your future.

6. Transform Your Life
At Ignition, you will hear from professionals who will teach you new methods for creating a better business and a better you. Ignition is designed to push down the accelerator and drive your Ignite business to the next level—it’s a journey that can truly transform your life.

5. Leadership Dinner
This black-tie-optional event for SDs and EDs creates the perfect setting to recognize your hard work and accomplishments in the presence of Ignite’s elite. The exquisite cuisine and first-class service provides a memorable setting for you and your fellow Ignite team members during your weekend in Dallas.

4. Training
We’ve packed so much information into our workshops and meetings that you are going to leave Dallas better trained on Ignite than you’ve ever been before. Presented by the best of the best, it is a world-class training experience as taught by the leaders who have made Ignite a towering giant among network marketing companies. The amount of training and information available is something you won’t get anywhere else but at Ignition.

Doug and Darryl 3. Doug and Darryl
Every year, Ignite’s leaders hold a well-kept secret. It’s a secret they keep from even the employees of Stream Energy. How will Doug Witt and Darryl Smith make their grand entrance to start off the General Session this year? You never know what the boys have worked out. And of course, you’ll see and hear from Doug and Darryl throughout the weekend who will provide you with outstanding leadership information, new Ignite promotions and contests and other game-changing announcements. You don’t want to miss

2. Bigger Than Yourself
Ignition isn’t just a conference that brings together our Ignite Associates to get motivated and rejuvenated over a weekend in Dallas. It’s something more than that. It’s an opportunity that only comes once a year to be a part of something bigger than yourself; to celebrate our successes, learn, grow and become better people; and to share the Ignite passion with thousands of other Ignite Associates and Stream Energy employees who consider you family. Ignition is something truly amazing.

1. Grand Finale
After three days of workshops, fun, teaching and inspiration, what better way to end our annual event than with a huge party? This annual Saturday night grand finale party has become known for its exciting themes, colorful décor and amazing entertainment. This year’s theme is … really? You thought we were going to tell you the details already? Stay tuned – more to be revealed. This is one party you don’t want to miss.

Our official Ignition hotel for 2012 is the brand new Dallas Omni Convention Center Hotel, a truly unbelievable and extravagant accommodation. You won’t believe this place – you have to see it for yourself! “Luxurious” doesn’t begin to describe it – and we’re enjoying it in its brand new, pristine glory.

After already planning for months, ‘Ignition 2012: Life 180’ is less than 120 days away. With this year’s even poised to be the best ever, make sure you take advantage of the Early Bird Registration coming soon. Make sure you don’t miss Ignition 2012: Life 180. It’s your turn!

Check out the Ignite YouTube channel – we have posted some great Ignition 2012 teaser videos, with more on the way! Also, take a look at Ignition from years past – 2011 and 2010.

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